Seamless pet holographic film

seamless pet holographic film for wet cold lamination or transfer process,find complete detail for seamless rainbow pet holographic which made in china,ask price from pet holographic film factory.Our pet holographic film passed Hologen test,pet holographic film seamless type,ROHS 10 TEST,if you want get PET holographic film MSDS,contact us!
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Seamless pet holographic film

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Pet holographic film is one kind of Iridescent plastic packaging material,under customer request,we can produce seamless rainbow pet holographic film,pillar of light pet hologram film,small dot pet holographic film etc.because there have different usage for holographic film,then we can supply lamination pet holographic film and transfer pet holographic film.

PET laser film is a laser holographic film which uses PET film as the carrier material of laser imprint. Due to the stable material of Pet film, 

good printing adaptability and meeting the requirements of environmental protection, PET holographic film is the most widely used and the most used 

material in the market at present. It can be fitted with cardboard and made into various kinds of packaging boxes and bags after printing. 

It can also be used in various kinds of flexible packaging market, such as food flexible packaging or flexible hose packaging.

Raw material:hologram grade glossy pet film.

Seamless type:seamless,without seam

Lamination type:cold wet lamination

Color:Aluminum silver and primer zns transparent.

Production process:primer coating-hologram emboss-Vaccum metalizing-Hologram slitter

Thickness:16 micron,23 micron,38 micron,50um.



The difference with pet holographic film with seam(picture as below)

PET holographic film with seam.jpg

Seamless pet holographic film master pattern:

pet holographic film S.jpg

DW01Hologram filmMet holo seamless rainbow
DW02Hologram filmHolo broken glass
DW03Hologram filmHolo square sand point
DW04Hologram filmHolo dot
DW05Hologram filmPillar of light holo
DW06Hologram filmHolo rainbow D38
DW07Hologram filmHolo Interlaced
DW08Hologram filmHolo small dot
DW09Hologram filmHolo grid diamond
DW10 Hologram filmHolo snow

PET holographic film MSDS as below:


High quality seamless pet holographic film video