pet hologram film

Buy pet hologram film and laser iridecsent holographic film on line with fast delivery and free shipping,looking for shimless pet holographic manufacture&supplier in china,thickness 16 micron and 50um,maximum width 1300mm.length 3000m/roll.
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pet hologram film

Some client want ask,what is pet hologram film,pet is mean polyethylene terephthalate plastic foil,hologram is mean holographic(laser),film is plastic material.

pet hologram film generally adopts computer lattice lithography, 3D true color holographic technology, multiple and dynamic imaging technology. The holographic image with rainbow dynamic and three-dimensional effect is transferred to the substrate of PET coating by molding, and then composite, hot stamping, transfer and other ways to obtain some laser laser effect on the surface of commodity packaging.

Maximum film width: commonly used maximum film width 1090mm, can be customized according to customer requirements.

Types of laser packaging film: special laser film, plate laser film, medium film, aluminized film, transfer film, plain mask, light column film, seamless laser film, rainbow film, color laser film, snow film, etc.

Laser packaging film color: transparent ZNS, silver (aluminum plated), can be customized according to customer needs!

Application of laser film:

1. Laser dielectric film

Laser dielectric film refers to the laser transparent film on the basis of a composite layer of medium layer, the medium layer can play the role of protecting the pattern or text in the laser film. Its laser brightness is several times stronger than the ordinary transparent film, and the laser pattern acid and alkali resistance, can not be wiped off, effectively protect the layer.

Use: high-end medicine box, wine box, cosmetic box, toothpaste box, soap box, gift box, notebook cover and other high-end products on the anti-counterfeiting packaging.

2. Laser aluminized pet hologram film

Laser aluminization film is processed by vacuum aluminization. The aluminum layer is plump and smooth, the aluminum layer has good adhesion, strong adhesion to ink, suitable for lithography, intaglio, flexographic and other printing characteristics; Widely used in soft packaging, handbag, wrapping paper, gift box, composite, decoration, laser holographic anti-counterfeiting, laser imprint laser and other fields.

3. pet Laser rainbow Film

The color of the laser rainbow film is formed by the interference of light and varies depending on the Angle of view. Laser color film is divided into red, yellow, blue, green, purple and other colors, can be combined with different colors of paper, plastic, artificial leather, composite can also be embossed, gilding, printing, causing patterns on the surface of the rainbow film, so as to make it more colorful. Suitable for handbag wrapping paper, gift box and other fields.

4. Laser hologram transparent film

Application: Mainly used for paper products soft packaging film, audio and video products and clothing transparent packaging bags. The laser pattern has no dielectric layer protection. Features: transparency, good surface brightness, fewer crystal points, uniform thickness, accurate weight, good anti-counterfeiting performance.

5. Laser transfer membrane

Use: 1. Can be combined with copper plate, white card, white board printing, laser effect is good. 2. Suitable for coating paper products such as high-end medicine boxes, wine boxes, gift boxes, books, magazines, paper boxes and so on. 3. It is suitable for refilm of high-grade imitation paper box. Features: The holographic laser film is recoated on the board with the transfer recoating machine, and the film is removed to become the laser transfer paper. Does not contain any plastic component, surface can be printed directly.

high brightness seamless pet hologram film master view:

high quality holographic film 500.jpg

How to produce pet hologram film?holographic film is not by printing,we use hologram grade transparent pet film,do primer coating,holographic emboss,Vaccum metalizing

,slitter,then get high quality pet hologram film.

what is the usage(application) for pet hologram film?it is widely use for paper lamination transfer and printing,cosmetic box,adhesive sticker labels etc.

what is the hologram image hologram master?the major master is rainbow,pillar light,lines,snow,star,diamond etc.

Does the pet hologram film has seam?we can make seam type and seamless holographic film.

what is the price for pet hologram film?contact with us to get good price.

Metalized primer zns transparent pet hologram film

Metalized primer zns transparent pet hologram film.jpg

metalized gold color pet hologram film

gold color pet hologram film.jpg

silver metalized pet hologram film

silver metalized pet hologram film.png

Vaccum aluminum metalizing silver seamless pet holographic film image:

Vaccum aluminum metalizing seamless pet hologram film rainbow.jpg

rainbow pet hologram film photo:

pet hologram film.jpg

pet seamless hologram film transfer paper or laminate with paper process.