Seamless pet hologram film

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seamless pet hologram film 1 S.jpg

seamless pet hologram film 

Seamless is mean the hologram pet film without seam,Then after lamination with paper,the client can cut the hologram paper easily.

DAWOO PACK is the top supplier of pet hologram film,This lamination grade pet holographic film,attractive appearance with clerity,It is very shiny and high glossy holographic image effect with remarkable brightnessand glossy,Good corona treatment and good adhesion strength,water resistance,except this plain pet holographic film,such as light been and flower pattern are availabl.Holographic emboss pattern can be in the mode of graphic.It is based on polyethylene terephthalate(PET) and Polyvinyl chloride(PVC)

This kind of composite pet holographic film is suitable for label and sticker on bottle,box and card etc,

we export this composite pet holographic film to japan,UK,USA,Pakistan,This holographic film with Iridescent light and plain hologram design.Please pay attention that,our seamless pet hologram film is not true seamless(dark line).But we insure the quality is good,it is UV printable with high brightness.

seamless pet hologram film in roll

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seamless pet hologram sample in piece

seamless pet hologram film sample S.jpg

Metalized rainbow seamless pet hologram film picture:

rainbow seamless pet hologram film S.jpg

Pillar of light seamless pet hologram film image(lightbeen master):

pillar of light seamless pet hologram film S.jpg