Holographic transfer film

Metalized holographic transfer film and ZNS coated hologram transfer film made in china,China metalized pet film for hologram,buy metalized pet film for china hologram,holographic transfer pet film for hologram from factory directly.
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Holographic transfer film is main for produce Eco  holographic paper(transfer hologram paper),Compare with Holographic lamination film,Holographic transfer film is Environmenta.transfer film for holographic image is a multilayerstryctureincluding a core and at least one outer layer have a sufficient thinkness for receiving a holographic image impressed into it,the outer layer is thinner than the core layer and is a  propyl ethylene random copolymer having a dsc melting point in excess of 120℃ and less than 140℃.the outer layer further include an antistatic release additive therein for permitting multiple release of metallized layer initially applied to the outer layer have the holographic image.

Holographic transfer film material:Pet

Hologram transfer film thickness:16 micron

transfer holographic film width:900mm


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Use holographic transfer film produce hologram paper: