Holographic film lamination

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Holographic film lamination,it is mean lamination grade pet hologram film.it is main for make laminate holographic paper.

DAWOO PACK metalized holographic pet film is specially engineered with co-polymer adhesive,this adhesive technology providesiperior adhesion to heavily loaded ink and hard to stick with plastic or paper.

The holographic polyester film feature brilliant.

available hologram master roll width:1200mm

custom hologram master available.

standard roll length:6000m/roll

This pet holographic film lamination Benefite&feature:

Holographic master pattern create eye-catching visual effect.

Acrylic primer coated for printing and glue lamination.

Excellent adhesion to core material and heavily loaded ink.

Can be die cut and vaccum formed

The color of holographic film:Transparent

Metalize type:ZNS primer

The holographic film lamination video as below: