what is pet holographic film

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What is PET holographic film?

Pet holographic film is a flexible plastic film that is micron-embossed with image and pattern design let the plastic film with remarkable appearance.Pet is mean polyethylene terephthalate.


How is pet holographic film packaged?

Normally is wraped with fumigation wooden pallet.


What is the available thickness option of pet holographic film?

Standard thickness is 16 micron,38 micron,and 50um.


Which physical and mechanical properties does pet holographic film have?

Good corona treatment and suit for lamination and printing.


Is pet holographic film available with different color?

Silver metalized color and transparent metalized ZNS color.


What is the price for pet holographic film?how much?

Please discuss us for price.


Is pet holographic film environmentally friendly?

Yes,pet holographic film is environmentally friendly plastic product.


Where is high quality pet holographic film used?

Used in lamination factory,Printing company,and sticker label making company.



What is seamless rainbow pet holographic lamination film?

It is hologram grade PET base film+Primer coating+Holographic emboss+Metalizing,without seam line,but with rainbow plain image.


Which material is used in making pet holographic film?

High quality holographic grade pet film.


Cn customer printing on pet holographic film?

Sure,This pet holographic film is suit for printing.


What is the different between pet holographic film and pvc holographic film?

Pet holographic film must with primer coating,PVC holographic film is doing hologram emboss directy.it is two kind different material,


What conversion service can manufacture offer on pet holographic film?

We help our client to get good printing and lamination effect.

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