pvc glitter film

pvc glitter film 200 micron.silver metalized color.600 piece per paper carton box.silver glitter pvc film in sheet.
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pvc glitter film 200 micron.silver metalized color.

600 piece per paper carton box.

glitter film is a new type of environmental protection material using PP or PVC material. It is a widely used golden onion effect product. It has similar places with golden onion powder, so the visual effect is very strong, and the product shines in the sun. Because of the shooting light can not see the shining effect, the actual product effect is better!

Pvc glitter film is suitable for offsetting printing, gravure printing, silk screen printing, special printing, gilding and other processing methods. At present, it has been widely used in the packaging decoration market of all walks of life, such as tobacco, wine, toothpaste box, CD box, cosmetics, stationery, gift packaging lighting, building materials, advertising decoration, window stickers, self-adhesive, shoes and so on. Can be composite adhesive, all kinds of paper, etc., can be applied to offset printing, intaglio printing, flexographic printing, special printing, hot printing, so as to form a different light, make your products more different shine.