Lamination holographic paper

Lamination holographic paper,printing and offset printing material,it is suit for make cosmetic box,cigarette box etc,also can make stick label,such as hologram label.
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Lamination Holographic paper

Paper is one of the most common packaging materials seen today. While holographic paper and paperboard can be used in the same ways as plain metalized paper/paperboard, holography brings its own unique kinetic effects that greatly increases a products’shelf appeal. DAWOO PACK's holographic paper products consist of two families:transfter holographic paper and laminated holographic paper. Both products feature bright, colorful refractive hologram patterns and excellent printability.

Holographic paper in rainbow and pillar of light image design,In picture,It is pillar of light holographic paper.

Laminated holographic paper,Mean Holographic paper is lamination compound of hologram film and base paper. It's widely used for cigarette packaging(tobacco wrap), alcohol trademarks, food packaging, cosmetics packaging, gift wrapping. It has good tensile strength, folding endurance and clear smooth surface.

Material: Aluminum metalized PET, OPP film on base paper as card board paper, coated paper, kraft paper,glossy paper, etc.

Material Color: silver, golden, red, gree, blue, purple holographic film.

Thickness: From 35gsm to 550gsm

Hologram Pattern: Rainbow, pillar light rainbow, dots,start, and other various holographic patterns. We also make customized design holographic paper. Hologram Patternes

Packaging: roll or sheet according to clients' requirement.Now in the market,client main request holographic paper in sheet,they can do printing directly.

Hologram Papper width: 400mm to 900mm or under clients' requirement.

Application: Cosmetics, food, beverage; wine, liquor, wrapping papers, cake, chocolate, tea, greeting cards, holographic paper bag, etc

Delivery time:15 days.

Metalized lamination holographic laser paper cardboard image:

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Gold metalized hologram paperboard photo:

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Pet holographic film+white paperboard Video