high quality holographic film

China factory high quality holographic film?what is the difference for pet hologram film and seamless pvc holographic film?welcome visit www.dwhologramfilm.com
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High quality holographic film made in china

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high qulaity pet holographic film is different with normally grade hologram film or low qulaity holographic packaging film.the high quality transparent polyester film material,clean production room,high grade hologram emboss meahine,environmental primer coating,strickly quality check.all of them insure supply high qyality hologram film.This kind pet hologram film main for high grade brand product wrap.

Color:silver metalized pet holographic film,gold pet hologram film.

high quality holographic metalized film is with primer coating and corona treatment,this metalized holographic polyester pet film specially engineedred with copolymer adhesive.In jumbo roll and have silver laser effect.

Silver holographic pet film include 16 micron and 50um,it is with a strinking silver based petrol on water rainbow iridecsence.

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holographic film pet for cosmetic wrap

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