DW03 Holographic PVC film

Buy 1090mm width seamless pet hologram film and PVC hologram film,thickness from 16 micron to 50 um,maximum width 1300mm,lamination and printable.
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DW03 Holographic pvc film from DAWOO PACK CO.,LTD.

DW03 hologram is k laser KP12 design,This design like square sand point holographic effect.The sticker lable company interest in 1020mm width or 1090mm width PET hologram film or PVC holographic film.For make anti-counterfeit label material.Especially the rainbow design,Then DAWOO PACK create big rainbow design DW01.The maximum width of our DW01 rainbow design seamless PET holographic film/PVC hologram film is 1300mm,normally produce 1090mm width.

If you want buy 1090mm width seamless pet hologram film/PVC hologram film,welcome contact with us.

Holographic cold lamination pet pvc film foil metalised

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holographic laminate foil for sticker photo

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metallic holographic laminate pvc pet foil film UV

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